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Geico ID Protection

$7.99-9.99/month Identity Protection, Three Credit Bureau Monitoring

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Geico is a popular insurance company that services more than 18 million vehicles with 12 million auto policies that was founded more than 70 years ago.

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The Good

Geico offers some of the best monthly prices for its identity protection services. Geico Portfolio Identity Protection Program is serviced by Europ Assistance USA and offers:

  • Proactive Credit Monitoring: Monitors all three of the major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax) and will alert you of potential fraud.
  • Credit Report and Score: Unlimited online access to your TransUnion credit report and score.
  • 24/7 Proactive Identity Monitoring: Constantly searches the internet, black market forums, phishing networks, etc. for potentially damaging use of personal information.
  • Online Data Protection Suite: This includes anti-keylogging and anti-phishing software that helps protect your information while you are on the internet.
  • 24/7 Access to Experts: Continuous access to certified resolution specialists that can help with recovery and prevention.
  • Travel-Related Services: These services help minimize inconvenience and interruptions that might result from a lost or stolen wallet while traveling.
  • Emergency Cash Advance: Geico will provide up to $500 in emergency cash if identity theft occurs while traveling.
  • Medical Identity Theft Resolution: Geico will help work with your healthcare provider and insuror to resolve any issues.
  • Wallet Protection: Geico will provide assistance replacing credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, passports, etc. should your wallet or purse get stolen.
  • Opt-Out Services: Geico will help you avoid receiving unsolicited product or service information by opting you out of those lists.
  • Translation Services: Geico will provide assistance with speaking to local authorities to help file reports while traveling.

The Bad

Geico works with Europ Assistance to provide their identity theft protection. Europ Assistance clearly states that they are, “neither an insuror nor provider of insurance and nothing in this program is intended to provide a policy of insurance or insurance benefits to any Member”. Top quality identity theft programs offer insurance with their identity theft programs to help with recovery costs. Insurance for this program would be provided directly from Geico but not through the Europ Assistance program.

Geico has been offering identity theft protection for under five years, which can mean a lack of experience in the industry. This, combined with the fact that they are primarily an insurance company puts them at a disadvantage compared to other identity theft companies.

The Bottom Line

Geico offers great options for current members who want to add identity theft protection to their current services. They help you protect, detect and resolve identity fraud all with an affordable price. It will be hard to find another insurance company that offers as many services with such a low price. We would recommend Geico if you already own a homeowner’s policy with them. To receive these benefits plus more, we would direct consumers to true identity protection companies instead of with an insurance company.

Geico provides only one identity theft plan, but members do have the option of getting a plan as an individual or as a couple.

Single Plan – $7.99/month OR $79/year

The primary individuals receives all of the listed benefits provided, but dependent children and a spouse can recieve the resolution services in the incident of identity theft.

Couple Plan – $8.99/month OR $89/year

In the Couple Plan, the primary member AND listed spouse/partner will receive the Proactive credit monitoring, credit reports, Transunion credit score and all features in the prevention, detection and resolution services.  Dependent children will also receive resolution services is they become victims to identity fraud.


Prevention Services

24/7 Available Expertise – EuropAssistance’s (EA) assistance line is available 24/7 to educate and inform you on identity theft information

Identity Theft Protection Kit – This kit explains the different types of identity theft and different prevents and resolution tips to take an approach on doing it on your own

Opt-Out Services – You will be assisted in opting out of direct mail campaigns, pre-approved credit card offers and marketing phone calls


Detection Services

Three-Bureau Notification and Fraud Alerts – EuropAssistance will contact all three credit bureaus for you and get a copy of your credit report.  They will also place fraud alerts on your file with each bureau to enhance your protection against identity fraud

Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring – Credit monitoring will allow you to be alerted when any key changes were made to your credit history.  Members can choose this option for an individual or for two covered members

Upfront Three-Bureau Credit Reports – You receive a one-time access to your three credit bureau credit reports when you initially enroll in the credit monitoring

Post-Incident Identity Monitoring – If you were a victim of identity theft, EuropAssistance will gain access to a one year of supplementary identity monitoring that notifies you of changes that is related to your identifying information.  Monitoring covers:

  • Payday loans
  • Non-credit loans
  • Criminal activity
  • Change of address
  • Address history
  • Name and aliases

Unlimited TransUnion Credit Report and Score – Members can access their TransUnion credit report and score an unlimited amount times online


Resolution Services

ID theft Affidavit Submission – All the hassle of finding a reliable ID Theft Affidavit to claim your identity theft incident is all taken care of.  EA will even submit your Affidavit to the necessary authorities in order to resolve your case

Credit Freeze – At your request, EuropAssistance will even place a credit freeze on your credit report to add extra protection

Wallet Protection – In the event of a lost or stolen purse or wallet, Geico and EA will cancel and replace any items missing or stolen

Creditor Notification – Your resolution assistant will notify and contact all of your creditors to dispute any fraudulent accounts in your name

Dispute and Follow Up – Not only will they do all they leg work, but they will continue to follow up to make sure everything was properly handled

Contacting of Legal Authorities and Police – All tasks that have to do with local authorities and sending proper documents to the required people will all be done for you

Translation Services – If you are ever in need of translation services if you are overseas, EA will provide those translators

Medical Identity Theft Assistance – Your identity is protected even if it has do more than typical financial fraud

State-Specific ID Theft Protective Measures Assistance – If there are any specific procedures for your state, EA will help fill out all those necessary paperwork

Emergency Cash Advance – If your incident of identity theft occurs more than 100 miles aware from your primary residence, up to $500 will be provided in emergency cash advance

Emergency Travel Arrangements and Journey Continuation Assistance – In order to get back home (if you are more than 100 miles aware from home) EA will assist in emergency travel arrangements.  This includes any type of transportation


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