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Geico ID Protection

$7.99-9.99/month Identity Protection, Three Credit Bureau Monitoring

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Geico is a popular insurance company which is primarily known for their auto insurance, but offers a comprehensive insurance portfolio to their customer. They have partnered with Europ Assistance USA to provide an identity protection service to their customers.

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The Good

Geico’s partnership with Europ Assistance USA has allowed them to offer a high-quality product without needing to invent their own and pass the cost of development to their customers. This makes Geico’s identity protection services more affordable than many plans and allows them to give their customers discounts for adding multiple family members as well as for paying annually, rather than making monthly payments.

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Geico Portfolio Identity Protection Program is serviced by Europ Assistance USA and offers:

  • Credit Monitoring of all three credit bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion and Experian
  • Online access to TransUnion Credit Report and Score
  • 24-hour Identity Monitoring on the Internet
  • Anti-Phishing and Anti-Keylogging Software
  • Certified resolution specialists available 24 hours per day
  • Emergency cash assistance and other services available to protect members while away from home
  • Complete resolution for Medical Identity Theft
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Opt-Out Services

Geico’s protection has very solid recovery assistance built-in and victims of identity theft are able to use certified specialists to contact various agencies, etc. to restore a stolen identity. This is accomplished by the victim of identity theft signing a limited power of attorney document and the specialist acting in their behalf. For many people, this benefit is worth much more than the cost of the plan.

The Bad

Geico does not offer any type of identity insurance protection into their product. They state on their website that the largest cost to victims of identity fraud is lost time and stress during the time that they are working to restore their identity. Their professionals are able to remove those losses with the victims spending little time on the actual restoration.

There may be a false sense of security which their customers feel when using their anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software and they may not use anti-virus products. This would be a mistake, and while both of these digital protections are important, there is a continued need for anti-virus protection. Some of the more highly ranked companies are adding anti-virus software into their packages.

The Bottom Line

Unlike most other insurance companies offering identity protection plans, Geico does not require that new subscribers are existing policyholders. One may purchase their protection regardless of if they hold a policy with Geico or not. Geico’s partnership with Europ Assistance USA is solid and allows them to give a comprehensive product.

Identity recovery is very strong, with complete resolution services possible. Missing is an insurance policy covering lost wages, child care, elder care and other expenses which are commonly incurred after becoming a victim of identity theft.

Geico is a recommended option for consumers.

  • Single Plan – $7.99/month OR $79/year
    • The primary individual receives all of the listed benefits provided, but dependent children and a spouse can receive the resolution services in the incident of identity theft.
  • Couple Plan – $8.99/month OR $89/year
    • In the Couple Plan, the primary member AND listed spouse/partner will receive the Proactive credit monitoring, credit reports, Transunion credit score and all features in the prevention, detection and resolution services.  Dependent children will also receive resolution services is they become victims to identity fraud.
  • Family Plan – $9.99/month OR $99/year
    • The Family Plan offers all of the same benefits as the Couple Plan, but it also covers up to four dependents of the primary account holder.

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