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Equifax Identity Patrol

Automatic Fraud Alert Renewal, $16.96/Month ID Protection

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Equifax gives businesses and consumers information they need that they can trust. With an established history of innovation and leadership, Equifax leverages their "unique data, advanced analytics and proprietary technology to enrich the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers."


The Good

Equifax gives their customers credit monitoring from all three credit bureaus so they don’t have to pay to view their scores.


Equifax Identity Patrol

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$12.95 - $19.95

Since Equifax is one of the three national bureaus, they already have the information and means to provide credit and restoration for financial identity theft features. Customers will then be at ease knowing they all their identifying and personal information is with only one company rather than one company that deals with protection and another company that deals with recovery. Their identity theft services offer:

Lost Wallet Protection:

    In the event that you lose your wallet, Equifax team members will be available to help you cancel and replace any missing cards.

  • Social Security Number Monitoring: The Equifax WebDetect™ feature scans suspected underground Internet trading sites for your Social Security number
  • Bank and Credit Card Monitoring: The Equifax WebDetect can also monitor up to 10 major credit/debit card account numbers that you provide
  • Fraud Alerts: You can place your free initial 90-day fraud alert on your Equifax credit report. Once it is successfully placed, your fraud alert request will then be referred to the other two credit bureaus. With Equifax, your fraud alerts will automatically be renewed every 90 days.

The Bad

Equifax isn’t the best or worst identity protection company. They don’t allow consumers to have a trial period unless there is a special offer. Also, it is almost impossible to get ahold of a live agent through their customer service. Call waits are approximately 20 minutes and can get very frustrating. Not only does Equifax’s Identity Patrol not include credit scores, but they are one of the higher priced companies for the basic identity theft protection packages.

The Bottom Line

Solely on the customer service experience, it’s not worth signing up with Equifax. If you ever ran across a billing or service problem, it’s hard to get ahold of anyone to clear up the problem. Equifax does not offer as many data monitoring services as other companies and you can find a price that can save you approximately $6.00 a month which will add up over time.

“1.  Proof of Evidence

We reserve the right to request that You provide corroborating evidence with respect to any incident of Identity Theft of which We (Equifax) are notified.

Why it’s important: 

The evidence that Equifax asks their identity theft victims to provide includes: law enforcement reports, Federal Trade Commission’s affidavit, government agency reports and any other related evidence.  If the consumer fails to provide any of the needed evidence, Equifax has reserved the right not to provide their customer with their product’s benefits or features that is normally included in your product ordered.

“2.  Identity Theft Insurance

Equifax’s $1 million identity theft insurance is provided by Chartis that has a $0 deductible.  Insurance expenses that are covered include:

  • Lost wages in the need of taking off work to restore identity (up to $1,000 per week for a maximum of four weeks)
  • Attorney fees
  • Application fees for refiling loans 
  • Mailing and notary costs
  • Long-distance phone calls
  • Lost monies exclusive of interest and fees
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